MARRIAGE … An age-old problem with a PERFECT solution.

MARRIAGE … An age-old problem with a PERFECT solution.

God’s model for a happy home and lasting marriage is the same model that will heal our world. Bringing peace into our home has the same solution that will bring world redemption and peace on earth. We must take personal responsibility, continuously work on ourselves to become better people, put everyone else first, and become completely outward and giving like God Himself. If we dedicate ourselves to be more like Hashem God, marriages will be joyous and the world will heal. Sounds to Pollyanna for you? Perhaps, but peace is worth doing everything possible. I hope you agree.

Read Blindsided by Messiah today and learn about the true source of our problems. We will heal this world one person at a time. Peace on earth begins with you.

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Blindsided by Messiah – BOOK PREVIEW

Listen. Learn. Work for Peace.

May there be world peace in our time.

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