What is psychological projection and who are the victims?

Psychological projection is when a person has anger or insecure feelings and they project them onto someone else. They say the other person is at fault for their own insecurities. So truly the problem lies in the person who is projecting.

Who are the victims of psychological projection? Everyone. Everyone in the world is a victim of psychological projection because every person in the world engages in it at some time or another. If you’re thinking perhaps that you’ve never done it, think again. It’s very important when you’re under fire and someone’s throwing rockets at you, so to speak, and telling you, “You’re selfish. You only care about yourself. It’s all your fault.” not to react. Don’t react. Ask questions. Learn to discern when someone is engaging in psychological projection and refuse to participate in the same behavior.

Psychological projection according to God Himself is the number 1 root cause of all the problems that we are seeing in the world. How so? Well — terrorism. “Oh it’s the Islamic fundamentalists. It’s all their fault. If we get rid of them we won’t have any problems.” Or, “It’s all the Jews’ fault. Apartheid Israel. Let’s get rid of the Jews and we will have peace on earth.” It’s not anyone’s fault. It’s everyone’s fault. If we constantly look for scapegoats we are skirting the issue. We’re not digging in. We’re not looking at the facts. We’re not discerning. We need to learn to go deeper. The only way to stop psychological projection and war and terror is to engage in real understanding and learning and peel it apart one rotten layer at a time.

I hope you enjoyed this Q&A question and it gave you food for thought. Please listen to my full program on psychological projection and share it and work for peace. Because if we work on ourselves and we cure the problems that we are engaging in ourselves, we will heal the world. It’s the work of world peace and that’s what this is all about. Let’s work for peace so that we can enjoy worldwide healing in our time. God bless you. I am praying for all of you. Join the conversation. God bless you.

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