Kat Riley

In July 2016, a friend invited me to dinner and told me about her life long friend who speaks to God and is beginning a radio program and asked us to tune in and have an open mind. I went home and looked up videos I was told Lori posted on YouTube. From the very first video I looked at her speaking and I knew instantly Lori is here and she wants to share Hashem God with all of us. I personally began to know and share things with Lori. I like to say she was a quick friend from many lifetimes. Seeing her speak to God as you are speaking to her also is just truly amazing. Please listen to her, this is the real deal! Let’s have Peace On Earth In Our Lifetime! Thank You Lori for all you do, you are a true blessing to all of us!

Debra Silbert

Almost 30 years ago, Lori and I first met through business but quickly became friends. Our conversations were often about God and our faith even though we came from very different religious backgrounds and back in the 80s it wasn’t “politically correct” to discuss such things.  Over the years, we have been there for each other through many of life’s joys and challenges. So, when Lori speaks of her awakening back in April of 2009, I remember that day when she told me about it. Lori has been sharing her messages with me from day 1, and I’ve had the privilege to witness her journey with God. Lori is authentic, she delivers God’s message without infusing her own opinions and tells you exactly what she hears. You may not want to hear it, but you need to know it.

One message that was difficult for me to hear was when my former husband passed away and we were planning his funeral. Since he was out of state at the time, I was focused on the logistics of managing the arrangements. Lori told me I was more focused on convenience instead of what was the right way to honor his life. It was one of the most painful times in my life, but when I accepted her message it shifted my focus and I felt a greater sense of peace for him and our family. I continue to be amazed, amused, and inspired by these messages and always appreciate the wisdom from them. I believe we all could benefit from listening to Lori’s messages with an open mind and desire to walk closer with God on our journey.

Anna Lukes

I met Lori Michelle in 1986 when we were both working as field sales reps for a Minnesota company. I was in
California; she was in New Jersey. In a 2009 phone conversation, she asked me if I believed in God. I said, “Yes of course.” Then she told me what she had been experiencing with her hearing loss and the new things she was hearing. I believe that Lori speaks directly with God. I support her mission of working toward world peace. You don’t have to believe in her direct connection with God to learn from her teachings or to receive help in her one-on-one sessions. Every Sunday I ask Lori questions in her blog talk radio show. Every Sunday I receive new ideas and inspiration from her answers.

Bob Jay

Lori inspired me to be more thoughtful in my communications and discussions with people with whom I don’t agree. The discipline I learned from Lori has helped me to more clearly state my positions and understand better how others are thinking.

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