• These Running on Love with GOD Q & As are designed to share my gift of hearing our Creator and the invisible world of spirit. These short posts provide wisdom from Hashem, God, stories, explanations and visions with the heartfelt intention to share His love and give insight into our complicated lives here on earth.

    If you prefer to watch and listen to me answer questions on video, all my Q & A posts are available in this playlist.

What do we have in common with the slinky?

This little toy was invented in 1943 and I had many of them when I was a child. It’s a fun little game and it’s a spring. A lot of children had this toy growing up and I was one…

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Does Israel have a holiday like Thanksgiving?

Israel doesn’t have one particular holiday called Thanksgiving or like Thanksgiving and the reason is that every day in Israel is Thanksgiving. It’s really true. The observant Jewish people of Israel recognize and thank God every day for everything. The…

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