• These Running on Love with GOD Q & As are designed to share my gift of hearing our Creator and the invisible world of spirit. These short posts provide wisdom from Hashem, God, stories, explanations and visions with the heartfelt intention to share His love and give insight into our complicated lives here on earth.

    If you prefer to watch and listen to me answer questions on video, all my Q & A posts are available in this playlist.

How can we know that God is real?

That’s the goal of every minute of your life. You are a creation that came right from His spirit. You are greater than you can imagine. You are a piece of God. While you are here in your vessel, your…

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Why do Jewish people have big noses? Part 2

I do a lot of these videos, I do a lot of Q&As and about a year ago Hashem gave me a question that He wanted me to pose and He was going to give me the answer. That question…

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