Shared Personal Meetings

Shared Personal Meetings

These personal meetings with Lori Michelle were done with the intention of providing wisdom and advice while sharing the gift of hearing Hashem God’s voice. These sessions helped provide answers to common questions and provide personal guidance with every day life challenges. We all share common problems in our lives. The following videos of private meetings have been generously shared with the participants’ permission in their desire to benefit others.

Anna Lukes

This video is a shared personal meeting between Anna Lukes and Lori Michelle. Listen as Lori provides her with important life lessons and spiritual guidance. In this video meeting, Anna asks many questions about life’s challenges and is requesting clarification about information written in a book she is reading by the famous author Dr. Wayne Dyer. Dr. Dyer is an inspiring well-known self-help author and teacher. Watch and learn surprising information that is revealed in this meeting. As a huge lifetime fan of Dr. Dyer, the revelations in this private session even amazed and stunned Lori Michelle!

Kat Riley

This is a video of a personal meeting between Kat Riley and Lori Michelle. Listen as Lori provides her with important lessons and guidance as she faces many of life’s common struggles. Kat has been through several life challenges in the past year including being injured and losing her job. She continues to struggle with money and many of her personal relationships have ended. She desires to see an end to her suffering, but when? How? What can she do now to change the pattern and break free from all of her hardship?

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