Blindsided by Messiah—My Book

Blindsided by Messiah  

By Lori Michelle, Moshiach

People of all religions have been praying for the coming of the Messiah, known as the Moshiach in Hebrew. Lori Michelle, God’s Moshiach, has been hiding in plain sight for over 10 years.

Are you ready?

Blindsided by Messiah is an understatement. The shocking revelation that everyone who believes in the coming of a Messiah must come to grips with is that the Messiah was ALWAYS going to be a woman. Unthinkable! An ordinary Jewish mother born and raised in America, now living in Tveria Israel is your Messiah. Whether or not you believe in the coming of a Messiah, this book is a must read.

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The world is in chaos and the prophecies from the Bible are true. These are the End of Days and this is humanity’s final call to wake up, accept personal responsibility and work for world peace. We are heading directly into the final world war, the war of Gog and Magog. We must all get ready in a hurry.

Blindsided by Messiah chronicles the entire awakening of your Moshiach. Lori Michelle reveals explanations and prophecy given to her directly from God Himself. She asks tough questions, reveals in detail where everyone is going wrong, and provides her God inspired plan to heal our world. The question you must answer in the end – will you do what is required and listen, learn and work for world peace?  The children of the world are depending upon you to answer with a resounding YES!

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About the Author

Lori Michelle was born in Brooklyn and raised in New Jersey in a secular Jewish family. She always felt close to God but was never particularly religious. On one auspicious morning, April 7, 2009, Hashem God of the Universe awakened His chosen Messiah, His Moshiach. He said, “Go get pen and paper and start writing this down.” Lori Michelle listened and accepted her God-given role. This led her on a dark journey into hell on earth. Why was the most miraculous discovery also a horrific nightmare? Nobody listened to her. Nobody was ready to hear and accept the truth. Are you ready now?

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An impassioned message from Lori Michelle

This book is for all the marbles and I can’t and won’t take one single word back. I’m telling you the truth. We are in serious peril and most of humanity is oblivious to the severity of our problems. While you may not believe I am your Messiah or even believe that such a person exists, recognize that I am genuine and I’m calling on humanity to come together and work for world peace. Our children deserve better. The world is burning and this American Jewish mom is running directly into the flames to save my children. I must save my children and yours too. Hashem says peace depends upon your participation. Will you take my hand and help me bring world peace in our time?

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