“Eliminate THE NAZIS!” The Holocaust used for political gain.

Moshiach’s Commentary – Eliminate THE NAZIS! The Holocaust used for political gain.

We are hearing a lot of people around the world using The Holocaust in their passionate speech to evoke political support. While we can see similarities to World War II in the Ukraine-Russia war, The Holocaust is unique in world history.  The Holocaust, the genocide of God’s Jewish children, is a sin that God Almighty will never forgive. Our world will only be redeemed when enough people bravely find and eliminate the evil Nazi-like thoughts and behavior from themselves. Be brave enough to learn where our troubles are coming from and about God’s plan to heal the world by reading Blindsided by Messiah today. It’s time.

Blindsided by Messiah, explains the reasons why Hashem, God, chose a woman to be His Moshiach. It also reveals the source of evil, how we all must eradicate it, and God’s plan to bring world peace. We will heal this world one person at a time. Peace on earth begins with you.

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Blindsided by Messiah – BOOK PREVIEW: https://wp.me/p8xmPQ-jj

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May there be world peace in our time.

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