Is there really such a thing as JUDGMENT DAY?

ASK THE MOSHIACH! – Is there really such a thing as JUDGMENT DAY?

There are many people posting frightening information online now about Judgment Day. Is it true? The truth is often mixed with frightening lies. Fear-mongering is the work of the yetzer hara, the evil inclination. God is our final Judge but He is loving, compassionate and desires our ultimate success. Read Blindsided by Messiah to start learning how we must work together to eliminate evil and bring world peace in our time.

Blindsided by Messiah, explains the reasons why Hashem, God, chose a woman to be His Moshiach. It also reveals the source of evil, how we all must eradicate it, and God’s plan to bring world peace. We will heal this world one person at a time. Peace on earth begins with you.

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Listen. Learn. Work for Peace.

May there be world peace in our time.

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