Moshiach Exposes Chinks in the Armor: Why am I doing this?

Moshiach Exposes Chinks in the Armor – Why am I doing this?

I pray for everyone’s well-being and publish these educational videos for every person’s personal good. In this series of videos, I expose chinks in the armor, problems I see all over the world. It is imperative to know where we are veering wrong so that we can repair our mistakes.

Unknowingly good people are veering in the wrong direction. Many of the problems I reveal in other people will seem rather clear to you. It is a much more difficult task to see these same problems within yourself. Most people have become conditioned to accept poor choices as normal human behavior and the way of the world. The result – chaos all over the globe. Everyone must bravely face their problems head-on and work to correct them. When enough people begin to choose better in every moment, we will begin to heal and experience world peace.

Read Blindsided by Messiah today and learn about the source of evil and how we all can and must eradicate it. We will heal this world one person at a time. Peace on earth begins with you.

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Listen. Learn. Work for Peace.

May there be world peace in our time.

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