Aging, Our Hyphen, and What Matters

Messages, Life Lessons & Love from Lori Michelle: Aging, Our Hyphen, & What Matters

A lot of people say, “Oh to be young again!” They lament about the aging process and desire to turn back the clock. Not me. I’m growing old and don’t relish the aging process either but I don’t fret about it the way I used to before my spiritual awakening. I know that these are the End of Days and every breath of our lives is more precious than ever. We are here to change the world for the better and bring world peace in our time.

As we age, lots of people become consumed about what their legacy will be after they die. They desire to make their lifetime, their hyphen, something that is lauded and appreciated by others. Again, not me. I’m not here for my hyphen or what I will leave behind. If I don’t accomplish bringing world healing and peace on earth, my hyphen will count for zero. Why? Because if we don’t bring world peace now, there will be no more. The stakes are that high. My life isn’t about me, my hyphen or what people think of me when I’m gone. For me, every breath I take is about healing this world and bringing peace on earth now.

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Listen. Learn. Work for Peace.

May there be world peace in our time.


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