I’m Messiah, what will it take to wake you up? Excerpt, Chapter 13

Excerpt from Blindsided by Messiah, Chapter 13: I’m awake now, are you? In this excerpt I read 3 paragraphs to illustrate how tragedies are happening daily and how difficult it is to wake you up.

Children are dying around us, and it seems the tragedies have become business as usual. Everyone appears to be desensitized and finds it easy to move on with their day. Sadly, that isn’t the case if the tragedy happens to you.

You might believe that there is nothing you can do to make a difference but that is far from the truth. If I can’t wake you up, Hashem says He will. I assure you that will hurt much worse. My book has information in it that everyone needs now. I pray you will listen and work with me to heal the world. Buy my book right now to begin learning what we must do to bring world peace in our time.

If you buy my book, in the month of May 2019, I will give you the opportunity to video chat with me for 15 minutes and ask questions. Order my book on Amazon and begin reading it today.

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Listen. Learn. Work for Peace.

May there be world peace in our time.

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