Excerpt, Chapter 12: Who did Canaan incarnate as in later lifetimes?

Excerpt from Blindsided by Messiah, Chapter 12: Explanations and Revelations – ALL from Hashem! This excerpt answers the question “Who did Canaan incarnate as in later lifetimes?”

Reincarnation is fascinating and sheds light on how difficult soul corrections can be. Hashem says I am related to the loftiest souls in humanity. My family, friends and close associates comprise the who’s who in Bible nobility. Hashem is blessing everyone with the best chance to repair and be redeemed. If you buy my book, in the month of May 2019, I will give you the opportunity to video chat with me for 15 minutes and ask questions. Order my book on Amazon and begin reading it today.

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May there be world peace in our time.

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