Will you last 12 rounds with Moshiach/Messiah?

Did you read my book yet? If you read my book and went through 12 rounds with me in Chapter 14 you likely received the knockout punch. If you didn’t think so, you aren’t awake yet.

The problems in our world aren’t someone else’s fault. The problems we face are EVERYONE’S fault. EVERYONE is either a victim or the victimizer depending upon the moment. Read my book for an eye-opening and intensely empowering experience.

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Go 12 rounds with me and I’m sure you will relate to my lifetime of painful true-life stories. You are most certainly a victim of the same evil assaults I share in my book. You may also be shocked to learn that you were unwittingly guilty of victimizing others too. If I win this boxing match, YOU WIN TOO! It’s time to wake up and stop the pain. It’s time. #IChooseGOD!

Listen. Learn. Work for Peace.

More information: https://lorimichelle.net/blindsided-by-messiah/

May there be world peace in our time.

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