Where’s Mommy Messiah? Playing a little game like “Where’s Waldo” until you read my book.

I’m playing a little game like “Where’s Waldo” until you buy and read my book Blindsided by Messiah. It’s time to come together and do the work of world peace and my book is the early beginning. While it seems like I’m not very serious about this and playing around, I’m VERY SERIOUS ABOUT WORLD PEACE.

I’m waiting for you to read my book Blindsided by Messiah and learn where we are going wrong and what it will take to repair our world. It seems that everyone is under the misconception that the Messiah is a magician who will heal the world solo and that simply isn’t the case. Everyone’s direct involvement is required!

Order Blindsided by Messiah on Amazon today: https://www.amazon.com/dp/0692182446

Listen. Learn. Work for Peace.

May there be world peace in our time.

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