BE READY. The masquerade will end with the arrival of Messiah.

Running on Love with GOD program: “BE READY. The masquerade will end with the arrival of Messiah.”

People everywhere behave as though they are impervious to retribution for their wrong actions. We see foul language and hostile behavior in society along with many other problems. To God-loving people around the world it looks like everyone has fallen off a cliff and now we’re free falling, heading right into the rocks below. What will happen to end this living nightmare?

Program Description: As we watch people of all backgrounds publicly argue in their need to be right, we see people from different religious and social groups dressing in special clothing that exemplifies their belief system and reveals to the public they are part of a specific group or ideology. Everyone wants to be appreciated and validated but refuses to give the same consideration for others. As they argue many behave as though they are righteous individuals who have no flaws themselves. Most people have sinned and believe these poor choices are hidden or will be easily forgiven. They prance around in their costumes of goodness when they aren’t choosing good or GOD at all. Will the skeletons in their closet be hidden forever? BE READY. The masquerade will end with the arrival of Messiah.

On this Running on Love with GOD we will discuss privacy and hidden sins.  Life is full of surprises but nothing will be more shocking to people than when they see their secrets revealed to the world. God Himself knows everything about us and nothing is hidden. This is taught in the Bible but even the most learned scholars don’t behave as though they fully grasp this truth. We are in the End of Days which means that everyone is being judged whether you know it or believe in GOD. How will things change after the Messiah arrives? We are seeing the birth pangs of Messiah right now. One clear sign is seeing people being accused and prosecuted for sexual misconduct, some of which used to be accepted as par for the course and normal behavior. On the flip side, we are seeing God’s laws being challenged and broken daily. It’s a complete mishmash and mess that looks as though we will surely hit the rocks and perish. Not so says Hashem God. He has a plan for world healing but be forewarned: Peace will come to us at a heavy personal price.  Begin to prepare now. There will be no skeletons hiding in your closet soon.

Listen, learn and work for peace.

May there be world peace in our time.


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