Do morality and justice exist without GOD?

Watch this program: “Do morality and justice exist without GOD?”

As we watch the newsfeed and see our world in chaos, judges and juries are adjudicating legal cases to bring civility and justice to society. Are they successful in their efforts? Hardly! Most intelligent people can see that we are imploding even though we have court systems designed to litigate ethics and protect humanity from wrong doing. Do morality and justice exist without GOD?

Program Description: In our free society we enjoy being protected under the law to speak our minds and reach for GOD as we choose. Freedom of speech and the right to choose our own religious beliefs are the cornerstone of any free society. While we all enjoy having freedom, we are seeing great acrimony and protests around the world, especially in America. People are arguing about almost every topic albeit some topics are more divisive than others. People are choosing to speak out in anger and hostility using their freedom of speech to attack others who don’t agree with them. As they viciously attack others they hope to stifle their opponents and achieve their own agenda where their opinions reign supreme. Is this appropriate and ethical behavior or simply exercising one’s freedom of speech?

On this program of Running on Love with GOD we will explore the topics of morality and justice. Many people in our world believe that morality and ethics come from mankind however nothing is further from the truth. The laws and concept of court systems that govern mankind originated from GOD Himself and were given to man thousands of years ago. If that’s the case, then why are we seeing chaos and confusion in society? Do the current laws reflect GOD’s will or have they been tampered with over the years? Did the laws of the land ever truly reflect His will exclusively? As we see people fighting vehemently around the world to have their personal agendas win, their boisterous anger and vicious public protests brings forward the potential of violence. We are a powder keg ready to explode! Everyone can and must do better. Watch this program of Running on Love with GOD as we discuss morality, justice, and ethics. We review in detail current events that are fracturing our already fragile society.

Watch this program of Running on Love with GOD:

Listen, learn and work for peace.

May there be world peace in our time.


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