GOD IS REAL! Can everyone hear His Voice?

In April of 2009 I was awakened to the Voice of our Creator and He said, “Go get pen and paper and start writing this down.” I listened and recorded many conversations over many years. How did I know it was Him? How do I know that it’s really Him now? What makes me so sure?

Detailed Description of this program of Running on Love with GOD: One auspicious morning I woke up to a male voice that spoke to me and I began recording my conversations. This began a life journey that I couldn’t have predicted. I learned later this male voice was our Creator, Hashem God, speaking to me. When you encounter God Himself, there is no doubt. Our souls know more than our conscious minds and we instinctively know our Creator. Many people are atheist and deny the existence of God. They argue that we come from ape-like beings.  I heard a joke once about an airplane that was filled with atheists and about to crash. When they learned about their imminent demise, they all yelled, “Oh God please help us!” The moral of this funny story is that deep down, we all know God is real. Most people believe in the existence of our Creator.

Watch view this program of Running on Love with GOD where I share many stories, visions and uplifting messages from Hashem God. The most pious people in the world fall into despair and question His existence on occasion. Sadly, people succumb to depression and drug addiction to ameliorate their painful lives. Life on earth can be deeply troubling with many hardships. I have the privilege and supreme honor of knowing that He is real, He is everything, and I rejoice in speaking with Him day and night in the English language. It’s my pleasure, blessing and responsibility to share this gift with everyone. As we see turmoil and grief in our world, it’s important to pause and learn that there is a masterful plan behind the confusion. I will share with you many conversations that will God willing give you reason to pause, smile and celebrate knowing He is everywhere.

Please watch, listen and share this program. May there be world peace in our time.

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