What came first — the chicken or the egg?

It’s an old question that I grew up with. Maybe you did too. I don’t recall ever getting an answer. Last week I was speaking with Hashem God and in a tongue-in-cheek way I said, “Hashem, what came first — the chicken or the egg?” He said, “Lori, you answer that question.” I thought for a minute and then I realized the answer is very clear and obvious.

If you believe in God and I hope you do, then you believe in the story of creation, Genesis. God put Adam and Eve, (Adam and Chavah) here on earth and they procreated and created humanity. So if you extrapolate from the story of creation and how Hashem God created everything in six days and put everything here, then the answer is clear. It’s the chicken! And so I said, “The chicken.” and He said, “Yes of course.” If you’re atheist you may not say “of course” but then you probably aren’t listening to these videos very often.

In any case, it’s fun and it’s interesting because it’s an age-old question that I grew up not knowing the answer to even though I grew up with an innate belief in God Himself. I simply wasn’t taught Torah — the Bible. I wasn’t raised on any of that. This is all new to me since my awakening in 2009 and I learn everything straight from Him. It’s the best way and most fun that I’ve ever had in my life, learning from Hashem God.

The Sunday before the anniversary of creation, Rosh Hashanah I hosted a program of Running on Love with God that I hope you’ll listen to. It’s called, “Does one religion win God’s favor?” It’s a very interesting question and I have answers. I also answered questions about September 23rd. I’ve already posted a video saying it’s not doomsday and there’s a lot of people running scared and a lot of doomsday predictions on the internet. I addressed those in greater detail on a 30-minute program where my co-host asked me a lot of provocative and good questions, questions that you probably have in your own mind. So join us.

This is the work of world peace. If we listen and learn and work for peace, we will enjoy peace in our time. So listen, learn and share this program. Peace on earth. God bless you.

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