Will September 23, 2017 be doomsday?

I have a couple of questions to answer that were emailed to me by a friend. They are concerning doomsday predictions that are floating around the internet and frightening everyone. There is another question about the total eclipse that’s about to happen on August 21st in America. Let’s address that one first. That one’s easy.

Is the total eclipse a sign from God? The answer is yes. These are definitely signs from God, from the Divine to wake up and start getting it right. Reach for Him. Start praying and learning what He desires from us. So the answer is yes, it’s a sign and these are the end of days. I’ve been saying that every week for over a year now on the internet and I’ve been saying it for many years since my awakening. These are the end of days — time to wake up and learn and work for peace.

September 23rd is a date floating around the internet. It’s the end of the world! Armageddon! Hashem God is going to blow up the whole world and it’s over. No it isn’t. He said it’s not happening. The world to come is a physical world He says, based in spirituality — meaning we’re very aware of God and our souls and we’re no longer walking around like zombies as though this is really who we are. The world to come will be a very spiritually connected world to God Himself. The sad part is we’re going to have to go through a terrible war before we get to the other side. But He promises there is another side. A world filled with peace and love for an eternity. Life in body for an eternity. Something I can’t fathom and frankly I don’t know if I can believe it, at least not now but I pray it’s true.

So there you have it. September 23rd, not the end of the world. August 21st definitely a sign from Hashem God. He’s watching you. So wake up and let’s work for peace. God bless you and may there be peace in our world in our time. God bless you.

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