Why is it prohibited for us ever to choose idolatry?

It sounds like it has an obvious answer and we all know that it is God’s commandment that we never reach for or pray to anyone or anything other than Him. Why did He give us this law? It starts right from the first commandment. He is the Lord God and there is no other and you shall never pray or reach for any God other than Him. There is no other God. So it sounds obvious but the true reason why that’s the first commandment and we should never resort to idolatry is for our own good.

Idolatry is pure evil. Many people don’t even realize that they are committing idolatry every single day. They don’t realize it. They love God. They’re good people. Yet they succumb to idolatry because they truly don’t understand what idolatry is. The moment you choose to value something other than God or your spirit more than God Himself, you fall down a slippery slope and you’re choosing evil. In the end it causes despair. It causes you to slip into slavery itself. It’s true. There are many forms of idolatry that when you choose them, it’s a pathway straight down to the abyss. It’s such an important topic and people truly don’t understand idolatry, that I did a Sunday program about idolatry — what it truly is and how dangerous it is to everyone. It truly is the worst sin you can ever commit.

I explained what idolatry is and why it’s so bad and why our world is spinning out of control and that is the number one reason why. Idolatry.

Please join this work and please listen. Don’t turn it off and say, “She doesn’t know anything. How could she know more than me? Or how could she know anything? Who wants to listen about God? I’ll go to church or I’ll go to synagogue and listen to someone else who knows more. Please don’t do that. I’m really here for this. This is my purpose—to share information that frankly I wasn’t raised with. I grew up clueless like many people. And now I’m wide awake. I speak to Hashem God. I hear Him. I live in Israel. My whole life was turned inside out and backwards and I see where we’re going wrong. And if I know things that can help you, it’s my God-given privilege to share it with you.

So please join the program of Running on Love with God and let’s start working for world peace together. Because if we become educated and listen and learn and work for peace, we have a shot at having peace in our world in our time.

Please share, please listen and learn and work for peace. God bless you. Peace on earth.

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