Is Joel Osteen correct? Does God pay us back double for an injustice?

Anna: On the topic of justice, Joel Osteen says that the scripture talks about how God will pay us back double for the unfair things that happen to us. I don’t know what scripture he is referring to but he says, “When you suffer a disappointment, don’t get discouraged, get ready for double, get ready for an increase. God is a God of justice. When God sees an injustice, he sees ‘That’s my son or that’s my daughter’ and He goes to work to right the injustice.” Is that the same thing you’re saying or is that different from what you’re saying?

Lori: He just said no that’s different and He says it’s not always so. It’s an incomplete thought—the description of what he said. I’ll just convey what I’m hearing because I don’t know the answer to this. Sometimes it’s true and you do receive a double blessing in divine retribution. And sometimes it is not so. Every case is individual and different. Every journey is different. Every person is different. Every life path is different. It’s a blanket statement. It shouldn’t be so blank. A blank check.

Anna: But it was so nice and optimistic. I kind of liked it.

Lori: I know and that’s the problem. I love Joel Osteen by the way. I’m Jewish but I went to see him live with my girlfriend because I think he is very inspiring. He loves God and God loves him but everything he says is not complete. The danger is that when we speak of these motivational speakers like Joel Osteen or even Dr. Dyer who you know I love Wayne Dyer, the problem is it gives you a false impression on why you’re here and what your journey is about and that everything is going to be rosy and wonderful. And it’s not. It’s not rosy and wonderful right now. So it’s a false impression that okay I’m suffering but I’m going to get double so I’ll just deal with it for now. It’s not true.

If you’re suffering there may be a true and deeper reason and He’s knocking on your head and He is saying wake up I’m calling on you. You’re supposed to reach for Him and try to figure out what you may be getting wrong. Don’t assume you’re perfect. And don’t use the excuse that He hates. “Well hey I’m human. I’m not perfect. Nobody’s perfect.” He does not like when people speak like that. Do you know why? Would you like to know why? You come from perfection. You come from His essence. You should desire in every moment to be the epitome of God’s perfection. In giving yourself a lame excuse that hey I’m human and I’m not perfect is lame. It’s defeatist. You are perfect. You come from perfect. If you’re choosing wrong, step it up and reach for perfection.

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